Inspiration and resources for your own youth-led, community-based human rights trial

Inspiration and resources for your own youth-led, community-based human rights trial

Inspiration and resources for your own youth-led, community-based human rights trial

Why Youth Climate Courts?

Local governments that are not adequately addressing the climate crisis need to be called to account for failing to protect the basic rights of their citizens, and who better to do that than the young people whose rights are already being, and will continue to be, most dramatically impacted.

  • Because the future belongs to today’s young people.
  • Because young people's right to a future and to a healthy environment conducive to a decent life are not being adequately respected.
  • Because young people are given no voice in the halls of political power; many cannot even vote.
  • Because it is their right to have a voice in protecting their future world.
  • Because human rights stand as basic moral minimums that governments must to live up to;
  • Because the central function of government is to secure and protect the rights of citizens;
  • Because human rights serve as the clear moral standard against which government policies and practices must be measured;
  • Because human rights standards are universal; they are not limited to certain people, groups, religions, nations, or situations but apply to everyone;
  • Because human rights protect the poor, the disenfranchised, the unempowered, the non-privileged, the injured, minorities, indigenous peoples, women, and yes, even children. Especially children.

The important thing about human rights norms is that they set standards for what duty-bearing governments must do and must also make sure they never do.

Why Human Rights?

Start a Youth Climate Court

To start your own YCC, decide who your team will be, decide which local government or government agency you will put on trial, then click on the How To pages here on the YCC site and go from there.

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Bearing Witness: The Human Rights Case Against Fracking and Climate Change

On May 14, 2018, a respected international human-rights court, the Rome-based Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal, began a week-long hearing on the impacts of fracking and climate change on human and Earth rights. In its advisory opinion, the Tribunal ruled that fracking systematically violates substantive and procedural human rights; that governments are complicit in the rights violations; […]
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First YCC Trial in Oregon in June, 2021

Youth Climate Courts will be hosting its first trial in Oregon in June, 2021. The trial will be conducted by eight articulate young women who are going to make their voices heard in a public and meaningful way. These high school students are planning to hold their city government accountable for failing to meet its […]
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Development Opportunity Provided by the Sant’Anna School

Though not directly related to YCCs, some of you may be interested in a development opportunity provided by the Sant’Anna school. They are holding a workshop for legal practitioners and scholars on climate change litigation and human rights on May 6th and 7th. This workshop will update participants on the use of human rights arguments […]
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Organizing 2.0 Conference on April 16th and 17th

The YCC team will be participating in a panel as a part of the Organizing 2.0 Conference on April 16th and 17th. This conference is focused on bringing together a variety of leaders and organizations to give people access to new skills and strategies to succeed professionally. The panel will include YCC founder Tom Kerns, […]
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Public Interest Environmental Law Conference

Our Public Interest Environmental Law Conference Panel

Our first featured event was the Youth Climate Courts’ panel that was a part of the Public Interest Environmental Law Conference. The Public Interest Environmental Law Conference brings together the international legal community to educate each other on successes, challenges and recent developments within the environmental law landscape. During this conference the YCC Founder, Dr […]
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